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Foreigner divorcee at the Polish court of law

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Some of you may have spouses of Polish origin. If they do not live in Poland now  or lived there in the past  , their divorce  can be carried out in the Polish court of law. If it takes place in Poland it is necessary to know the procedures of the case first.

Sometimes it is good to consider  in which country it  is to be  opened up. Even  if because  of different separation period  which in some countries amounts to a few years , a lot of people choose to divorce in Poland. Today I will present  the basic divorce procedures and later  the problem of parental authority , contacts with children as well as alimony for children.

Conditions of getting a divorce

The divorce cannot be pronounced only for the parties  move. The main condition is the complete destruction of both emotional and physical sphere of their life.  The minimal period of expiring emotions and physical contacts  is about 6 to 12 months. The couple should also live separately  and run finances on their own. Either they should not spend time together , go away on holidays together or participate in any kind of common ceremonies.

If the couple have a child under 18 the judge inquires whether the child ‘ s good will not suffer  after the divorce. Then the witnesses are interrogated about the child’ s relations with the parents  and their probable  abilities  to look after it after the divorce.

Divorce conditions

Divorce can be pronounced during the first case if the couple do not demand  to define about the blame of each other. If even one of the spouses insists on the blame  the case is becoming long and unpleasant and the proofs against each other have to be shown. The judge interrogates witnesses and eventually one person  is charged  with the destruction of their marriage. Consequently  the guilty person  may be obliged to pay alimony for the other if his or her financial situation is better. Therefore people in worse material position prefer a longer procedure in order to get alimony in future  which is more profitable for them.

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